Wood Adhesive Manufacturing Consultant

Wood Adhesive (White Glue) is a Poly Vinyl Acetate is an emulsion polymer, formed with the polymerization realizes with ‘Addition Polymerization’ method and it is an exothermic reaction of Monomer. Wood adhesive manufacturing require Specific Design and fabricated Plant and machinery.

Wood Adhesive (White Glue) is a Synthetic Resin Adhesive in the form of a milky white viscous liquid and is ready to use. Wood Glue gives such strong bond that if two wooden pieces. Most common and best adhesives that are used in woodwork.

Chemical Nature

Poly vinyl acetate based adhesive compounded by proprietary additives

Recommended applications :

Specially formulated for use for mica to Plywood, laminate and wood


Hi per

Premium PVA Wood Adhesive

A -Grade Wood Adhesive

Marine Wood Adhesive

Water Resistance Wood Adhesive – D3

Economical low grade PVA wood adhesive