Major projects commissioned by J B KEER Adhesive Consultants

Outside India Abroad


Bangladesh   :  Wood ,SR, PVC, Epoxy and Cyanide based adhesives.


Egypt            : Mattresses Adhesive & Rubber based Adhesive.


UAE DUBAI   : Epoxy, Polyamide resins, Rubber based adhesive,

                     Emulsion Paint & Construction Chemicals.


UZBEKISTAN : Wood Adhesives & Rubber Based Adhesive


Nepal            : Wood Adhesives, Anti Termite & Rubber Based


Zimbabwe       : Tile Adhesive

Sri-Lanka     : Wood Adhesive, PVC Solvent Cement & Epoxy Adhesive






Ambala           :  PVC solvent cement

Jalndhar         Terminator, Mattresses Adhesive, Rubber Based

                        Adhesive & PU Adhesive

Chandigarh     Rubber Based Adhesive, Wood Adhesives & PVC

                        Solvent cement, Construction Chemicals


Delhi               : Rubber Based Adhesive ,Wood adhesive ,Mattresses

                       Adhesive, Paper to Paper adhesive, PVC Solvent

                       Cement, PU Adhesives, Hot-melt Adhesive, Polyester

                       Putty, Construction Chemicals, Epoxy Adhesive &             




Agra              : Rubber Based Adhesive  &  PU Adhesives

Aligarh           : Wood, Epoxy, Rubber Based Adhesive, Lamination &

                      Mattresses Adhesives.

Kanpur           : Wood & Rubber Based Adhesive

Lucknow         : Construction Chemicals

Firozabad        : Epoxy Adhesive

Rudrapur      : Wood Adhesive




Patna             : Construction Chemicals, PVC solvent cement, Rubber

                       Based Adhesive, Epoxy Putty


Kota               : Construction Chemicals , Mattresses & Rubber Based


Alwar             : Construction Chemicals

Jodhpur           : Rubber Based Adhesive & Epoxy Putty

Jaipur             : Fabric glue & Rubber Based Adhesive 

Falna            : Wood Adhesive & Rubber Based Adhesive

Bhilwara         : Wood Adhesive & Rubber Based Adhesive


Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal            : Construction Chemicals

Indore            : Wood Adhesives, Rubber Based Adhesive.





Ahmedabad        : Wood, Rubber Based Adhesive, Lamination &

                           Mattresses Adhesives.

Morbi                 : Ceramic binder &SH.

Rajkot                : Construction Chemicals, Rubber Based Adhesive,

                           PVC Solvent Cement, Mattresses Adhesive, Epoxy                            

                           Putty & Coatings

Valsad                : Wood Adhesive, Anti termite, PVC solvent cement & 

                           Rubber Based Adhesive

Surat                   : Hot-melt adhesive, wood adhesive, Rubber Based

                            Adhesive, Fabric Glue, Construction Chemicals



Mumbai          : Rubber Based Adhesive, Wood adhesive, Mattresses

                       Adhesive, Paper to Paper adhesive, PVC Solvent

                       Cement, PU Adhesives, Hot-melt Adhesive, Polyester

                       Putty, Construction Chemicals, Epoxy Adhesive &            

                       Coatings, Road Marking Paint


Pune              : Wood Adhesive, Anti termite & Construction Chemicals.   

Kolhapur        : Ink & Wood Adhesive.

Nashik           :PVS solvent cement.

Aurangabad   : Wood Adhesive & PVS solvent cement.

Ahmedangar  :PVS solvent cement & Construction Chemicals.   

Solapur         : Wood & Cyno based Adhesive

Ichalkaranji   : Wood Adhesive & Textile Adhesive

Nagpur        : Epoxy Adhesive

Miraj             : Construction Chemicals

Ahmadnagar : Rubber Based Adhesive, PU Adhesive & Mattresses




Banglore     : Wood Adhesive, Rubber Based Adhesive & PVS solvent                        

                   cement, Epoxy Coating

Belgaum     : Mattresses Adhesive.

Hubali         : Construction Chemicals








Andhara Pradesh

Reniguntha    : Wood, Rubber Based Adhesive

Hyderabad     : Wood Adhesive, Mattresses Adhesive, Rubber Based

                      Adhesive, PU Adhesive, Construction Chemicals &

                      Hot-melt Adhesive




Chennai        :PVS solvent cement, Mattresses Adhesive, Rubber Based

                   Adhesive, Epoxy adhesive, Wood Adhesive

Karur          : Wood Adhesive

Vijaywada  : Construction Chemicals & Epoxy


West Bangal

Kolkatta     : Epoxy &,SR Adhesive



Jorhat     : Construction Chemicals, PVC solvent cement, Rubber Based

                 Adhesive & Mattresses Adhesive.