PU & Epoxy Potting Consultant

PU based potting compound specially developed for Electrical & Electronics applications. When mixed with liquid Poly isocyanides, undergo a chemical reaction and cure to yield PCR plastics. PU Potting has distinct advantages over Epoxy Resins. 

PU based potting compound specially used of various types of filters assembling.

  • Low exothermic.
  • Good adhesion
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Low initial viscosity
  • Easy pourability
  • Higher degree of elasticity, most resilient material.
  • Resistance to chemicals & transformer oils.
  • Lower material cost then other resin.

PU potting compound is used to encapsulate electrical components such as Transformers, Capacitors and Electronic circuits. 

The PU potted electronic circuits have following advantages. 

  • Safe from tracing your precious circuits.
  • Delicate electronic components are well protected from mechanical shocks
  • Moisture, Chemicals,Dust.

PU potting compound is ideally used in the manufacture of cable sleeves and sealing ends.

The additional properties are :

  • Good adhesion to PVC
  • High resistance to aggressive soil.