Construction chemical Consultant

We are providing accurate formulations of Water Based and Epoxy Based Construction chemicals formulations:

1. Waterproofing system,

  1. Liquid integrated waterproofing compound – Dark brown,
  2. Super Plasticizers base on Ligno, Melamine, PCE,
  3. Latex based Coatings,
  4. SBR Coating and binders,
  5. Admixtures for Ready Mix Concrete,
  6. Paver Block Hardener,
  7. Paver Block Lacquer,

2. Tiling aids,

  1. Tile on Tile adhesive all grades
  2. Tile Adhesive,
  3. Tile Grout,
  4. Liquid Tile Adhesive
  5. Crack Filling Putty

               c.     Cement based white Putty

               d.     Paver Block Hardeners & Lacquers

3.  AAC Block Manufacturing & formulation Process,

4.  AAC Block Wet Adhesives and Dry Powder Formulation

5.  Repairing and bonding,

  1. Polymer and Cement based binders
  2. Special Type Crack Filling Putty (Tube)
  3. Acrylic Sealant

6.  Waterproofing Coating & protections

  1. Elastomeric Coating,
  2. Roof Coating,
  3. Heat Reflective Coating
  4. Cement Based Waterproofing
  5. Polymeric Waterproofing
  6. Water Proofing Powder
  7. Waterproofing and Protective Treatments
  8. Terrace Waterproof Coat

7.  Epoxy based Coating and Grouting,

8.  Epoxy Gel for marble filling,

9.  Epoxy Adhesive for marble Bonding,