Rubber Based Adhesive Formulation Consultant

We provide consultation for manufacturing and complete process of Synthetic rubber based adhesive with very accurate formulation and set up for Plant and Machinery.

Rubber Based adhesive is a combination of Specific Rubbers , Synthetic Resins and Solvents IN the process with specific type of MIXER with specific RPM,
SR- 555
Foam Fix
Foot Wear all grades
Sprayable SR Adhesive

Synthetic solvent Rubber based multipurpose adhesive( High Viscosity and Low Viscosity as per Grades) for :


Bus body Hood and Interiors ,

PVC and Carpet flooring,

Automobile assembly,


Leather and Foot Wear Works,

Domestic application,

Handicraft industry,

Mattress manufacturing,

Foam Bonding, Rubber,

Coir and Foam,

Wood / Plywood and Laminate Bonding.