AAC Bricks Jointing Adhesive

WET Mix AAC Bricks Jointing Adhesive

WET Based AAC Block Jointing Adhesive is a wet mix, self curing bricks and blocks laying adhesive for any kind of masonry work. It is Eco Friendly adhesive is formulated using special polymers that impart special properties Ready To Use as well as easy to use condition and does not need dilution with water or additives. The product is designed to save water, labour and time needed for conventional mortar. WET block jointing adhesive is applied with very less efforts. The application of wet mix adhesive product can be done by any mason. Who does wall construction, using same tools as in practice as well as with notched trowel, squeeze etc.

Advantages of wet mix AAC Bricks Jointing adhesives;

  1. ECO friendly
  2. Labour Saving
  3. Energy Saving
  4. Time Saving
  5. Water Saving
  6. No Wastage of Materials

Unique Features of Wet Block Jointing Adhesive;

  1. Better Bonding strength
  2. Limited time for fast air curing
  3. No post curing with water needed.
  4. Substitutes the cement sand mortar.