PVC Solvent Cement Formulations Consultant

Offer Manufacturing and Accurate formulation Consultancy as well as set up for machinery and Plant for PVC Solvent Cement Solution that is clear and colorless solution which is highly effective in bonding of PVC pipe Joints and related fitting like elbow, union & socket made with precision formulation Specific Resins and Solvents. Highly effective this solvent sets up quickly and is extremely water resistant. Joint of PVC pipes in agricultural purposes, sanitary and in pharma industry.

Working of PVC Solvent Cement:

Combination of Solvents breaks down the top layers of the PVC. The Resin then fills the gaps to cement the two PVC pieces together

Grades for PVC Solvent Cements;

Normal Duty – PVC Solvent Cement
Heavy Duty – PVC Solvent Cement

Normal Heavy Duty – PVC Solvent Cement
uPVC – Solvent Cement
cPVC – Solvent Cement