Silicone Sealant Manufacturing Consultant

We provide manufacturing and formulation consultancy for Silicone Sealants

  1. Silicone Sealant Low RMC GP
  2. Silicone Sealant GP Medium Grade
  3. Silicone Sealant Premium
  4. Silicone Sealant Windows and Doors
  5. Silicone Sealant Sanitary
  6. Silicone Sealant High Temperature

Guidance for Plant and Machinery Setup

A single component Silicone Sealant which when properly cured becomes a permanently elastic compound.

Can withstand high temperature extremes and provides excellent adhesion to:


Ceramics and

Sanitary ware


Ideal for sealing

Glass and Aluminum & non-oily wood,

Sealing of Aluminum/ Glass window frame joints, Fixing glass into aluminum frames in rubber beading.

Gap Filling Glazing Expansion