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Hot Melt Adhesives manufacturing consultant:
We are providing manufacturing consultation for various types Hot Melt Adhesives, We are also providing Turnkey Projects for Hot Melt Adhesive.
Product Introduction:
  Hot Melt Adhesive is a melting combination of Resins, Polymers and additive, Its require specific plant and machinery,
Production of hot-melts, sealing, and waterproofing sheets has changed due to advances in technology, with resulting improvements in quality, productivity, flexibility, and ecology.
A production system, featuring short residence times, high mixing power even at high viscosity, and modular/interchangeable composition of the machinery design,
Product applications are beverage and food packaging hot melt adhesive, book binding hot melt adhesive, shoes industries used hot melt adhesive, woodworking industries, toys, jewelry &Accessories, hot melt adhesive for construction materials, DIY, air filter, automobiles, hot melt adhesive for electronic grades, etc.

Product various shapes includes hot melt glue stick, granule hot melt adhesive, pad hot melt adhesive, pillow shape hot melt adhesive, and block shape hot melt adhesive, etc,
Hot-Melt Adhesive
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Book Binding
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Perfect Binding
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Edge Bonding
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Side Gluing
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Photo Albums
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Mattresses
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Carpets
  Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Hygiene Products
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Packaging
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Textiles
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Shoes
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Filters
Rubber based adhesive manufacturing consultant:
We are providing consultation for manufacturing and complete process of Synthetic rubber based adhesive with very strong formulation and set up for Plant and Machinery,
Rubber Based adhesive is a combination of Specific Rubbers , Synthetic Resins and Solvents IN the process with specific type of MIXER with specific RPM,
SR- 555
Foam Fix
Foot Wear all grades
Sprayable SR Adhesive

Synthetic solvent Rubber based multipurpose adhesive( High Viscosity and Low Viscosity as per Grads) for Upholstry, Bus body Hood and Interiors , PVC and Carpet flooring, Automobile assembly, Ducting, Leather and Foot Wear Works, Domestic application, Handicraft industry, Mattress manufacturing, Foam Bonding, Rubber, Coir and Foam, Wood / Plywood and Laminate Bonding.
PU adhesive manufacturing consultant :
We are providing total manufacturing and process consultation for Polyurethane Based Adhesive (PU adhesive) for footwear.
PU Adhesive is a combination of Specific types of Resin and some Solvents, with mixing process in the special design of MIXER .
PU adhesive two component used in
  1. Footwear Industry for bonding of synthetic soles and upper due to their highly sticky nature and excellent coverage
  2. In manufacturing of lamination of wooden doors with PVC foil (membrane pressing).
Premium Grade
Medium Grade
Economical   Grade 
Epoxy Adhesive Manufacturing Consultant :
Offering Manufacturing and processing Consultancy for Epoxy Adhesive
A strong, solvent-free adhesive suitable for all materials, ideal for durable bonding and repairs.
  Bonds metal, wood, masonry, ceramics, glass, dry concrete, chipboard, leather, cardboard, fabric, rubber and most plastics (except polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon).
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