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welcome to J B Keer
J.B.KEER is an independent Adhesives Manufacturing Consultant and specializing in material development and modification to improve the quality of existing product or development of a new product.

The company has also marked its noteworthy position amidst the trustworthy Wood Adhesive Manufacturers in India. With extensive 30 yrs commercial production experience with very strong formulation in:
Wood Adhesives (SH)
Rubber Based Adhesives (SR)
(PU) Polyurethane Based Adhesive (Footwear)
Industrial Epoxy Adhesive
PU & Epoxy Potting
Construction Chemicals
vinyl-flooring rubber-adhesive pvc-solvent-cement lamination-adhesive hot-melt epoxy-adhesive construction-chemicals

We offer complete knowledge of adhesive technology (almost all grade of any adhesives) for optimal industrial source selections and if necessary re-formulates or develops custom adhesives for best balance of properties e.g. adhesion, durability, low reject claims. Cost and performance balance is optimized, and assessments result in maximum performance and minimum cost.

Formulated with various grade of high performance versatile epoxy resins and curing agents for Epoxy Adhesive, Casting, Laminating, Tooling, Civil and Building Construction materials, Industrial Flooring, Surface Coating and also we are in Polyurethane refinish coating systems.

Committed to solving your adhesives manufacturing problem :
Improved Product Durability and Reliability
Increased Product Performance & Speed Up Production
Increased Design Flexibility
Increased Product Quality with very strong formulation
Enhanced Product Aesthetics
Improved Process Productivity
Reduced Manufacturing Costs
Manufacturing Plant Design :
  - Plant and machinery for manufacturing Adhesives
  - Sealants with Equipment design
  - Instrumentation
  - Quality control
  - Sourcing of raw materials and machinery