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SH Type PVA Wood Adhesive 41%,44% (White Glue)
  A -Grade Wood Adhesive
  Premium PVA Wood Adhesive
  Water Resistance Wood Adhesive – D3
  Economical low grade PVA wood adhesive
  MR type tube, craft adhesive
  Glitter Glue
D.D L binder for lime & distemper
Lamination Adhesive-155, 255, 208, Eco Lam,
Paint Binders (Styrene/Acrylic)
Vinyl Flooring Water Based Adhesive (44)
CPW-555 Side Pasting high speed
Epoxy Resin
Rubber adhesive
  Foam Fix
  Foot Wear all grades
  Sprayable SR Adhesive
PU (Polyurethane) Adhesive 2K for Foot Wear – All Grades
Hot-Melt Adhesive
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Book Binding
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Perfect Binding
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Edge Bonding
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Side Gluing
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Photo Albums
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Mattresses
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Carpets
  Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Hygiene Products
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Packaging
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Textiles
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Shoes
  Hot Melt Adhesives for Filters
  Hot Melt Adhesives for automobiles
  Hot Melt Glue Stick
  Hot Melt Adhesives Sheets
  Hot Melt Adhesives for White goods
Tailor Made Hot Melt Adhesives
Thermoplastic Road Marking Paints
  Polyester Putty For Automobile
  Light Weight
  Car Patch
PU potting compound for Auto, Hepa Filters
Holdtite type liquid sealant for GI pipe
White sealant for CP fitting
P.V C . Solvent Cement- All Grade
  Normal Duty – PVC Solvent Cement
  Heavy Duty - PVC Solvent Cement
  Normal Heavy Duty - PVC Solvent Cement
  uPVC - Solvent Cement
  cPVC - Solvent Cement
Wood lacquers
  Touch Wood 1K Lacquer
  Polyurethane 2K wood lacquer
Wood Preservative
  Water White wood preservative
  Black anti termite
Construction Chemicals
  1. Waterproofing system
    a. Liquid integrated waterproofing compound – dark brown
    b. Powder integrated waterproofing compound
    c. Polymer base white liquid
    d. Latex based Coatings
    e. Admixtures for Ready Mix Concrete
  2. Tiling aids
    a. Tile on tile adhesive
    b. Powder filling tile joints grouting
    c. Crack Filling Putty
    d. Cement Based White Putty
  3. Repairing and bounding
    a. Polymer based
    b. Cement based
    c. Special Type Crack Filling Putty (Tube)
  4. Coating & protections
    a. Elastomeric Coating
    b. Roof Coating
    c. Heat Reflective Coating
  5. Epoxy based coatings for granite
Epoxy adhesive
  Industrial Epoxy Resin Hardener
  Fast and Clear
  Marble Paste
  Wood Paste
Epoxy floor coating and self leveling flooring
Epoxy doming for Mina work and flexible
Epoxy putty two pack
P.U. lacquers 2K